ASMR and Vaping

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In case you weren’t aware, ASMR is the latest weird craze to hit the internet – but now that it’s vapers who are getting into ASMR too, things are becoming much, much stranger.

What is ASMR?

ASMR (or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is the official scientific term for the gentle crackling, fizzing feeling you get in your neck, back and shoulders when you’re feeling extremely relaxed, for example, during a foot massage or when you are sitting in a hot sauna. However, over the last few years, growing communities of self-confessed ASMR junkies have discovered that other, more mundane things, such as pulling stickers from a sheet or carving soap can also make your neck and scalp tingle (or just put you to sleep).

One thing that all ASMR videos seem to have in common is a keen focus on environmental sounds (chewing, tapping, rubbing, etc), and these sounds are amplified with powerful microphones by video makers to generate more tingles in their viewers. The only other sounds you hear are whispers as bloggers tell you very slowly and softly how to undo a stapler or put together a Lego train. Feeling fuzzy yet? These videos can often go on literally for hours.

You’re freaking me out..

And freaked you should be. At this very moment, hundreds of dedicated ASMR bloggers around the world are churning out video after video of the most bizarre visual content designed specifically to trigger the ASMR response in whoever watches them. This ASMR video from Japan in my opinion could very easily be misunderstood as something a bit cheekier, while this video of someone chomping on seaweed is simply beyond me. Some bloggers are putting on make-up or crinkling tissues for their fans, while others are acting out cosy, head fuzz-generating role-plays in which they pretend to make tea, talk about wine or brush their hair in a certain manner. It’s all about that fuzzy neck feeling and it’s very odd indeed. Add ASMR to the already unusual concept of vaping, and you have something that is odder still.

So what happens in Vaping ASMR videos, exactly?

Well to be honest, it’s early days as yet, though this video of ASMR vaping vlogger Karuna Satori kind of gives you a fair idea I think. No talking, just vaping- and yes, you can hear every single rub, scratch, blow and puff she makes.

As for vaping role-plays, this one’s a good starter, but this next video of a Vape Shop role-play did actually give me a bit of a neck thing. Try it with headphones on and volume up and you’ll see what I mean.

Vaping and ASMR: what’s the connection?

God only knows. It could be because for many people, vaping – like ASMR, is about changing your state of mind and using a trigger of your choice to control  – or modify – the way you feel for a few moments, perhaps to relieve stress, boredom or other unwanted feelings. Or it could just be that vapers and ASMR fans are just very like-minded, and that it was only a matter of time before one craze would adopt the other.

What’s next in the world of ASMR and vaping videos?

Alongside all the videos of people whispering in vape shops and puffing out clouds in a slightly suggestive way, I genuinely believe there could be a market out there for e cigarette and e liquid reviews that are done in the ASMR style (tee hee). Watching people discuss, dismantle and reassemble vaping equipment again and again is already very relaxing to watch and listen to for many, so could this be the next thing?








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