About Ecigfind

Ecigfind is a UK-based blog aimed at helping new vapers find their way around the early stages of vaping.

I started Ecigfind in 2012 as a way to help new UK vapers – and especially ex-smokers or recent quitters – make the switch from smoking to vaping.

As an ex-smoker myself, I latched onto vaping very early on. Indeed, vaping helped me to stay off cigarettes for longer than any other quitting method I had tried before that. Even early on. I was impressed by vaping and wanted to spread the word to others.

However, at that time,  vaping was in its early days. Information about e-cigs and vaping was limited, and products were often overpriced or unreliable.

As a new vaper, I made it my mission to provide useful and easy-to-understand information about new vaping products. I did this to help new vapers to save money through reviews and discounts on my website.

Dan (ecigfind.com)

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