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Smoke Relief Review 2014

Review: Smoke Relief Deluxe

2014 UK review of the Smoke Relief Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Starter Kit. £29.97 + VAT (UK)

Kit Contents:

This Smoke Relief Kit contains 2 rechargeable batteries, 5 spare pre-filled cartomisers (refills), a portable charging case, optional USB charger and wall mains charger for the case.

Smoke Relief Deluxe Kit

Smoke Relief Deluxe: First impressions

I ordered the Smoke Relief Deluxe kit from their UK supplier and it arrived at my UK address within 24 hours of online purchase in a large, hard-wearing, plastic-sealed presentation box. Assembly was fairly simple and because batteries were pre-charged, I was able to start using the kit without an initial charge. Pre-charged batteries are definitely a good idea as they allow you to send your kit as a gift and know that whoever receives it can start using their ecigarette right away instead of having to work out how the charging system works.

How does the Smoke Relief Deluxe compare to other mini ecigarette Kits?

The Deluxe Kit is very similar to many other mid-range ecigarette kits sold in UK in terms of the way it looks and works, though at the current price of £29.97 + VAT, it is slightly cheaper than many other brands: kits from many other suppliers that include 2 batteries, 5 refills and a personal charge case usually start at £35.00 or above. Battery size and refills are about the same size as a King Size cigarette, though perhaps a tiny bit wider. In all, the device looks very much like a tobacco cigarette and lights up with an orange tip just like a real cigarette, too.

Smoke Relief Ecigarette

Flavour and strength?

My first few puffs on the Smoke Relief Deluxe were fairly positive: vapour flavour is a subtle, not over-powering crisp/dry tobacco flavour though quite sweet and warm on the tongue; flavour is definitely full and round enough to satisfy, though doesn’t linger in the mouth for too long.

This Smoke Relief kit came with 18mg tobacco flavour refills, which I found got a bit weak (in terms of throat hit) after I’d been puffing on them for an hour or so, though they perked up after a quick battery change. I noticed no problems at all with the functioning of the automatic batteries, and managed to get lots of vapour out of the Deluxe with even the gentlest of puffs.

As with all mini ecigarettes, Smoke Relief refills will last you a few battery cycles before you need to replace them. In my own tests, I got through about a day before the first refill became too dull to carry on (after about 3 battery changes). This of course will vary according to use, though choosing the strongest refills when you order your kit is a good way to get a bit more life out of your refills before the flavour starts to fade away.

Battery Life and Recharging

I found I got about 2 hours of fairly regular use out of the Smoke Relief Deluxe before I needed a recharge. Thankfully, you get a spare battery with this ecigarette kit, so there’s no need to wait for the first battery to charge before you can start using your device again – just use one while the other is charging.

How does the Portable Charging Case work?

This kit comes with a PCC, or personal/portable charging case, which is a small hard plastic case (about the same size as a packet of 20 cigarettes) in which you can charge up your ecigarette batteries while you’re out and about. This means that you always have a spare battery cooking away that’s ready to use whenever you need it. To charge your ecigarette like this, you just unscrew your battery (the long white bit) from the refill, and screw it into the slot in the top-right corner of your open charging case. You then push the button on the front of your PCC until the orange tip of the battery glows orange. The tip light will go out when your battery is charged (about 2-3 hours).

If you don’t want/need to use the PCC that comes with the Smoke Relief Deluxe, you can just use the tiny USB charger that plugs right into any USB device such as a PC or laptop – this works in the same way as the PCC and takes about the same time to charge.

Smoke Relief Deluxe eCigarette Kit Box

Is the Smoke Relief Deluxe worth buying?

This kit is more than satisfactory as ecigarette kits go, and with the attractive presentation, charging case and extra battery thrown in, you get a pretty good deal compared to what you might otherwise get from many other electronic cigarette suppliers. My only suggestion would be to select the highest strength refills (22mg) if you want a satisfying throat hit, and especially if you used to smoke strong cigarettes, as I found the 18mg lacked strength when batteries began to weaken.  I would also recommend getting a few spare refills (likewise of 22mg strength) with your kit, as you may find you get through cartomisers quickly, especially if you have just quit smoking.

Is there a Smoke Relief Discount Coupon?

Yes! Get the latest Smoke Relief discount code here, and type or paste it into box on the shopping basket page of the Smoke Relief website before you check out, and you will receive a 10% discount on your order.

Can I use Smoke Relief refills/batteries with those of other brands?

I have fitted Smoke Relief cartos and batteries with those of V-Lites (Vapourlites UK) with no trouble at all and they still work fine. According to the supplier, Smoke Relief ecigarette refills and batteries are also compatible with the following brands: Freedom, iCig, Nicolites, and Skycig, though there may be small differences in battery/refill sizes, affecting appearance only. Other brands not mentioned here are also inter-compatible with Smoke Relief, though these may require adaptors. more info here

Can I get a budget version of the Smoke Relief Deluxe?

Yes you can. If you want to try out this ecigarette but don’t want to commit to the Deluxe price, you can buy the same ecigarette model as part of a smaller package. The eCigarette Mini Starter Kit from Smoke Relief costs £9.95 and contains exactly the same ecigarette but with just one battery, two spare refills and a USB charger instead of the mains charger and portable charging case that you get with the Deluxe package.

For more info about the Smoke Relief Deluxe Kit follow this link

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