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JAC Vapour Review : V1P e-cig kit

I’ve been using the JAC Vapour V1P PCC  for about six months now mostly as a back-up e-cig kit that I puff on in my car every couple of days or so. Despite being ill-treated and regularly bashed about due to my poor driving skills, my hardy V1P PCC e cigarette still works well and is still in pretty good condition, apart from a few scratches to the case. Anyway, here’s my full review of it:

JacVapour V1P PCC ecigarette

V1P Kit Contents:

*1 rechargeable battery (in a choice of 3 colours + optional extra battery)
*V1P Personal Charging Case (choose colour)
*5 x cartomisers or refills (choose flavour and nicotine strength)
*USB lead (+ optional mains charger)
*Packet of coloured bungs for cartomisers
*User instructions and hard presentation box

What’s so special about the V1P PCC E-cig Kit?


The main feature of the V1P kit is the personal charging case, essentially a flashy pocket-sized hard-cased battery charger that allows you to charge your ecigarette on the go.

Personal charging cases are nothing new in the world of top-end electronic cigarettes. However, the glossy V1P case is exceptionally well-designed, looking more like some kind of futuristic kitchen appliance than the usual kinds scruffy plastic boxes that usually pass for charging cases.

The smooth-sliding top flap can be operated with a small flick of the thumb to reveal the charging area within. The two slots available let you charge one battery and store another spare at the same time.

How does the V1P charging case work?

jac-vapour-v1p-pcc-case21. Plug the V1P charging case into your laptop USB slot using the small cable supplied. Initial charge time is about 4-5 hours.

2. When the case has charged up, just screw in a battery as shown in picture.

3. Slide the case lid shut again, turn the unit around and press the small button on the back until all the small lights are illuminated.

4. You’ll see that the battery is charged up when the light on the back goes out (usually after a couple of hours).

Once charged up, your V1P case should charge about 5 batteries before it needs another recharge

What else is good about the V1P PCC? ( apart from the cool charging case )

Once you’ve got over the initial joy of the smooth-sliding space-case that comes with the V1P, you’ll hopefully at some point actually get around to having a puff on it. Of the many different ecigarette starter kits I’ve tested over the last couple of years, I can honestly say that in general JAC starter kits seem more reliable than most in terms of functioning, flavour, strength and battery power, and the V1P PCC Starter Kit is no exception.

JAC Refill flavour and strength and cost

The vapour flavour of JAC V1P ecigarette cartomisers (refills) is thick, strong and satisfying. The great thing about JAC ecigarettes is that they are 100% refillable. This means you can refill your spent cartomisers with eliquid yourself and save a huge stack of money on new refills. Quality of JACVapour refill eliquid is also high with a wide range of realistic and subtle flavours available from Virginia Tobacco to Apple and Menthol. However, if you do order eliquids, make sure you order “PG” types only as “VG” is too thick and syrupy for JAC cartomisers.

JAC Vapour Refills - blank

If you’re buying on a budget, I would certainly recommend buying blank cartomisers from JAC rather than the pre-filled refills as blanks work out cheaper.

JacVapour Refill ELiquids

Packs of five blank cartomisers (low-resistance version is strongest) start at £6.69 and 10ml bottles of flavoured eliquids cost £4.35 each, though larger bottles work out cheaper.

Based on my own use (which is not particularly heavy) I would estimate that one blank cartomiser should last you over a week, and 10ml of eliquid about the same; a very heavy user would maybe need to double those amounts.

However heavy your carto/eliquid consumption though, you’re unlikely to spend as much money like this as you would otherwise spend on buying hundreds of pre-filled cartomisers, as is so often the case with other brands.

Is the V1P PCC really worth the spend?

At £35.00 the JAC V1P is about the same price as most other kits on the market and (in my opinion) is a lot better than most.

This starter kit is only really a big spend if you buy extras, such as extra batteries or mains adaptors etc, which you may or may not need. If you want an electronic cigarette starter kit that produces reliable, consistent results then the V1P is highly recommended: it’s a well-designed ecigarette with good battery life, strong satisfying flavour and lots of money-saving options, including a permanent 15% discount (see below).

Is there a JAC Vapour Discount Coupon available?

Yes. Just type or paste the word: VAPEMEUP into the “discount codes” box in your shopping basket for a JAC Vapour discount (5% off through 2016) on all in-store products. This coupon code is ongoing, so you can keep using it for any future orders you decide to make. For full instructions on how to get your JACVapour discount, read more here.

More about the JacVapour V1P PCC E Cigarette Starter Kit here!

Jac Vapour

ROK Stogie Review : Electronic Cigar

ROK Stogie reviewCigars without the smoke..

Is this the perfect Fathers’ Day gift or what? The ROK Stogie Electronic Cigar  £11.99 Rok Universal UK is a disposable realistic-looking e-cigar that produces a clean tobacco-flavoured vapour rather than smoke or fumes, gives a realistic and satisfying nicotine hit, and will run for several days of intermittent use thanks to its large built-in battery. The end tip even lights up blue when sucked…

At about 5 inches long and three quarters of an inch wide, the ROK Stogie is a lightweight and pretty convincing working imitation of a real Churchill-style corona cigar, but without any of the smoke and stink.

An ideal gift for those seasonal cigar smokers whose smoky, stinky habit usually ruins everyone else’s day, the ROK Stogie Electronic Cigar is a nice low-spend part-jokey/part practical gift idea for the men in your life with arguably one of the worst habits in the world.

Order a ROK Stogie now!






Jacvapour Review : VGO2

Still a great favourite of mine, the Jacvapour VGO2 ecigarette range from has been around for a while now, though as yet I’ve found this e cigarette model hard to replace with anything anywhere near as good. So what’s so great about the VGo2?

Here are a few reasons why not just this review, but a plethora of others say the Jacvapour Vgo2 is still one of the top big-battery ecigarettes you can get your hands on.

Jacvapour VGO2 Review – Top Features


VGO2 batteries take a lot of beating in terms of output and performance, which are all-important factors when choosing an ecigarette kit. Even the standard “Auto” model comes with chunky 650mah batteries and is perfect if you want a pocket-sized battery with loads of power. On the other hand, if you hate recharging and prefer a few more hours more vaping time, the larger 900 mah battery VGO2 kit won’t let you down – the larger battery lasts me easily a full day (sometimes longer) on a single charge, even with fairly heavy use. Buying the variable voltage version of the VGo2 will allow you even more control over battery power (as well as flavour and vapour strength).


All members of the VGO2 range have batteries that are compatible with both cartomisers and tanks. I personally tend to prefer tank atomisers, as I find these need refilling less often, though the flavour of cartomisers is often stronger. In addition to the choice of vapour attachments, for a few extra quid you might prefer to order the variable voltage version of the Jacvapour VGO2, which has an adjustable battery dial, allowing you to choose how strong you want vapour and flavour to be.

DIY Refilling

As with all Jacvapour ecigarette kits, using a VGO2 kit means you don’t have to keep coming back for expensive refills, as the blank cartomisers and tanks provided by Jacvapour are designed to be completely refillable. This means you just have to stock up on blank cartomisers and a few bottles of your favourite eliquids from any store you like and you’re good to go for several weeks at a time.


Unbelievably, many UK e cigarette suppliers will often charge you £40-£50 for single-battery e cigarette kits. Thankfully, all JAC Vapour VGO2 range kits come with two batteries and most cost considerably less than £40, meaning you can always have one battery charging while you’re vaping on the other. Added to the fact that you can also refill these ecigarettes yourself (see above) it’s clear that the VGO2 range is better value than most. It’s also worth knowing that currently (2016) you can get a full 5% on all products at Jacvapour just by pasting this coupon code: VAPEMEUP at checkout. This voucher code is valid through 2016 and can be used again and again for future orders. More details about this Jacvapour discount code  here.


I am still on my first two VGO2 kits and am still pleased as punch with both. The first (the variable voltage version) I bought nearly a year ago and the second a month or so afterwards. Both batteries are still working fine and are still putting out as much vapour as when I first bought them. Both batteries and cartomisers are extremely strong and well-built, meaning your e cigarette is less likely to get damaged in transit; leakage is also extremely unlikely with tank versions in this range.


I’ve found that regardless of what eliquid you use, flavour from Jacvapour cartomisers tends to be a little softer and mellower than with other cartos, which can often be too hot, harsh or acidic. VGO2 tank atomisers are likewise a flavoursome alternative, though flavour may be a little less strong, unless you go for the variable voltage VGO2, which allows you to control the strength and flavour of your puffs.

Jacvapour VGO2 review

Jacvapour VGO2 variable voltage battery


Find out more about the VGO2 here






The best e cigarette : Top Value UK Mini E Cig Kits

Here are just a few what I think are some of the best mini e cigarette starter kits sold in UK at present. If you’re looking for a basic ecigarette to start you off that won’t knock a hole in your pocket these models are great all-rounders in terms of value, cartomiser flavour and strength, battery life, general reliability and appearance. Compare a larger range of value ecig kits and ecig prices here.

Best value luxury e cigarette

Best value e cigaretteJac Vapour’s V1P PCC Starter Kit is probably the best value ecig I have tried so far in terms of its usability and appearance, although only one battery is supplied with the kit. For just over £30, (or less with this discount) you get a kit that has 5 spare refills and an amazing sleek-looking personal recharging unit/carry case that lets you charge batteries up in your pocket. 5 refills £6.79.

best value luxury ecigarette
Overall Rating 9/10 REVIEW


ECigarette Web UK Review 2014 : Tiger Coco

Ever heard of the Tiger Coco ecig? Nor had I until this time last week… I wasn’t expecting miracles from this super-cheap mini ecig from Ecigarette Web UK with its rather strange name, though having tried it, I’m pleased to say this little tiger packs quite a punch…

Here is my review of the Tiger Coco Micro Electronic Cigarette Kit from UK supplier, ecigaretteweb.co.uk
£8.99 (UK) + 10% discount code: ECIGFIND

Tiger Coco Micro Electronic Cigarette

Tiger Coco ecig: kit contents

  • 1 x rechargeable battery
  • 2 x refills (tobacco flavour: 14mg and 18mg nicotine strength)
  • 1x USB charger

Delivery and first impressions

The kit arrived within 48 hours of ordering in a small flat blister pack containing one rechargeable battery, two tobacco refills and a single USB charger (see picture below). The single battery looks very slender and smart and is striped horizontally to give the effect of real cigarette paper, which is a nice touch. Battery and refill together are about the same size as a regular cigarette, so nice and small, light and comfortable to hold.

Branding on the neck of the battery is likewise minimal and fairly tasteful. The filter refill cartomisers look a bit dull, with none of the typical mottling you usually get on mini ecigarette refills, though I guess they must have put all their effort into the slick battery. End tip lights up orange as you puff.

Tiger Coco Micro Electronic Cigarette

Tiger Coco Ecig: flavour and strength

I was more than impressed with the flavour and strength of the vapour that came out of this tiny, almost unheard-of ecigarette, especially considering the fact that it only cost me a few quid. Refill cartomisers may look a bit boring but the tobacco flavour was really great (haven’t tried the menthol yet). A crisp, full-bodied and really mellow vape and a more flavour than you could shake a stick at. I tried the 14mg refill cartomiser first and it hit the spot in terms of strength right away; the 18mg refill was even better.

Tiger Coco battery and refill life

I got about 2.5 battery recharges (about 5 hours) out of the Tiger Coco ecigarette refills before flavour and strength started to diminish, which is fairly average in my experience. The rechargeable battery took about 2 hours to charge up from my laptop using the usb charger provided, and I got just over 2 hours of pretty regular use out of it once charged.

Can I use Tiger Coco batteries and refills with those of other mini e-cigarette brands?

I only tested the Tiger Coco with refills and batteries from Vapourlites (V-Lites UK) and Smoke Relief, which fit perfectly with this model. Other brands not mentioned here may also be compatible though I haven’t tested these and there may be appearance issues with batteries or refills being too large or small.

Is the Tiger Coco worth buying?

At £8.99 (or even less with discount-see below) this mini electronic cigarette kit from ecigaretteweb is a bargain buy in my opinion and a nice little starter kit either to give as a gift for someone, or maybe as a “first try” ecigarette if you don’t want to spend a whole load of cash. This rechargeable ecigarette looks great (apart from the refill case) and flavour and strength won’t disappoint- and all for the price of a disposable ecigarette.

Is there an ecigaretteweb Discount Coupon?

Yes. To get a reusable 10% ecigaretteweb discount on all products on the (including the Tiger Coco), just paste or type the word ECIGFIND into the box on the shopping basket after you have chosen your product. This is a non-expiring discount code, and so can be re-used and shared again and again. Full ecigaretteweb discount coupon details here

How do I get spare refills?

You can get spare ecig refills direct from ecigaretteweb.co.uk and they come in either tobacco or menthol flavours. Strengths go from low, medium, high through to super high, though I could only see low to super high options at checkout. Current 2013 price for 5 cartomiser refills is £5.99, or 10% less with discount code (see above).

Find out more about the Tiger Coco Micro Ecigarette Kit on the ecigaretteweb UK website here

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