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The best e cigarette : Top Value UK Mini E Cig Kits

Here are just a few what I think are some of the best mini e cigarette starter kits sold in UK at present. If you’re looking for a basic ecigarette to start you off that won’t knock a hole in your pocket these models are great all-rounders in terms of value, cartomiser flavour and strength, battery life, general reliability and appearance. Compare a larger range of value ecig kits and ecig prices here.

Best value luxury e cigarette

Best value e cigaretteJac Vapour’s V1P PCC Starter Kit is probably the best value ecig I have tried so far in terms of its usability and appearance, although only one battery is supplied with the kit. For just over £30, (or less with this discount) you get a kit that has 5 spare refills and an amazing sleek-looking personal recharging unit/carry case that lets you charge batteries up in your pocket. 5 refills £6.79.

best value luxury ecigarette
Overall Rating 9/10 REVIEW


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